Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ginger and Spot settled into the house with Mouse and the dogs quite easily in Vainona where we managed to find a home. They found the walls around the property restricting and they were not used to the noise..but they adapted to being urban animals. Mum and the children had more trouble adapting though. Mum prowled around the perimeter fence of the property like a lioness looking for something to pounce on. Slowly she realised she had to come to terms with the changes that had happened. She started taking her dogs out for walks on leads. Leads?? They had never known what a lead was before but they adapted.

Mum has been a bit busy the last few weeks and so was really sorry that you were all concerned about her not blogging. Unfortunately her staff had put "two step" a chemical down to kill the rats that were eating the maize stored in her sheds and when a rat became sluggish, Ginger managed to catch it and eat it. Mum had not realised this poison had been used until it was too late and so she nursed Ginger until he eventually died a couple of weeks ago. She had helped to deliver him when he was born and he was really a special part of her life for so many years. A happy reminder of the years on the farm when he wondered all over with her and a happy reminder of the years of readjustment to living in town and then semi urban living again.

He is buried next to his brother Spot, who was ridden over by a car when he was wondering around on the plot when we first moved from town to a plot where we could finally rescue our horses (only 4 out of 15 had survived living wild on the farm for 18 months).

Cody in the meantime is getting very old and scraggly. I keep looking at him in wonder and thinking...will I live till I am 14?? Ridgebacks like Cody and Boerbulls like me don't normally live for that many years. Oh well, I still keep trying to remind him that I am the new boss of the house but he and Mum gang up against me and tell me to get back in my box!


Think Mum will ever let me rule the roost???

Keep blogging...and thank you for caring too!!