Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello out there...its been a very long time since Mum and I have been on line and blogging. The last 6 months in our beloved Zimbabwe have been fraught with difficulties. The Indigenisation Act has had huge ramifications which have impacted on all levels of society. The Government of National Unity has had difficulty in coming to agreement on anything...economic or political. We now seem to be heading for another election and the possibility of political instability again.
In the mean time us animals have quietly gone about our business catching rats and bats and eating all sorts of things that Mum has a heart attack about. The cattle get fat. The ewes lamb down. The community stays together.

This spring has been beautiful with all the trees in full flower... the jacarandas, flamboyants and so many many plants blooming.

The countryside however continues to look bleak and uncultivated as the battle of the giants keeps going and the earth gets scorched in the process.

One day sanity will prevail and we will look back on this period of our lives with amazement!

Till next time
lots of licks


  1. Nice to see you again...

    We feel your pain 'here' as well...


  2. Musole, how good to hear from you, even though your news brings sadness with it. We hope too, that soon, sanity will return to your country and all the people who are so troubled will once again find happiness. Tell us a little story about the pups that you fathered sometime back, won't you?

    Stay closer, Musole, and accept our very best wishes!