Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good Day all.... jees so sorry I have not been keeping up with you all. Its been busy! Mum has inherited another canine who really needs discipining! Rocket and I have this game we play...we chase the cattle and the horses around the lawn... try really hard to swing on their tails....boy! Do we get into trouble for that!!
We have had a very moderate summer... not too much rain so its green but not full of moss like our normal summers.
Mum is concerned about politics as always. People are really stressed by the possibility of ANOTHER election and violence to go with it... so many elections since 2000.... seems like we just get over one and go straight into the next! Life is still tough here in ZW...people battle to find work and businesses are still closing down. Where is it all leading??
Thoughts with you all. Will try and get onto your blogs to catch up with you all again!!

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  1. Lets all keep wishing that all the badness will end and it surely will! Keep your chins up and keep out of the statistics!

    You and your mum are survivors and a real inspiration to the rest of us. Keep your snapping teeth for those who deserve them, by always vigilently protecting your mum!