Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good morning all my new doggy friends... this is soooo exciting. I just cant wait to get to all your blogs to see how, why, what and when you are all doing! But of course Mum tells me it's Monday morning and she has to go to work. Sooooo boring.

During the last year in Zimbabwe we faced terrible hyper inflation (that's what Mum calls it ...all I know is that the economy just seemed to crumble as the money printers made bigger and bigger notes with more and more zeros on them and each time Mum went shopping the bits of paper she had just bought less and less for us.) Like the humans here, the animals also suffered as the people tried desperately to hold value to their assets and their savings. As inflation struck and production dropped, food became more and more scarce. Our baby lions needed milk and eggs and meat and pro nutro and lots of cuddles. I gave the cuddles of course but Mum scrounged all over to find milk and food for our babies. The electricity became intermittent too as the national grid shut down more and more areas during the winter when demand exceeded supply. Very carefully Mum and Margaret and Miriam fed the babies every four hours and we watched them grow like spring onions. They slept in a lovely big basket made from mulala palm stems and recycled plastic bags (more about that in a later post!) next to the deepfreeze which purred all night! That let me have time off to go and cuddle up next to Mum in her room. Its tuff being the soldier in this house. I have to guard Mum and the lions and the oldies!

Have a lovely day... See you all soon!


  1. Hey there, Musole
    A happy Monday to you too! It's really cool to have you on board. We hope you go from strength to strength. Your Mom is certainly going to finally get her forum and we are listening. Well done - your blog is looking good!
    Your story of you and your lion siblings is remarkable. Your Mom is remarkable too in the way she has looked after you all despite all the odds. We want to know where the cubs are now?...or is that coming in the days ahead?
    Also...where does the name 'Raffingora' come from? Perhaps you can answer these questions in the days ahead.
    In the meantime buddy...have a barkful day and keep the baddies at bay.
    Lots of licks

  2. Hi again Musole
    It's hard for us dogs who live in stable countries to imagine what life must have been like in Zimbabwe for the last few years. I just take it for granted that food will arrive on my plate every morning and evening, for example!
    Cheers, Hamish.

  3. Hi, Musole!
    I live in a country where things are not so good either. Besides the economy we are suffering lots of violence.
    Your mom does a great job with the cubs!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Hi Lorenza

    Mexico! What a fascinating country. My mum watches what happens there in fascination. So close to the USA but so far, and yet so dependent on their economy.

    We have a mexican room heater which is a clay heater and all of us dogs, and mum, curled up in front of it to keep warm this last winter.

    Thoughts with you

    Lots of licks