Saturday, August 15, 2009

Musole and two cubs....hunting in the garden.


  1. Hey there Musole!!!
    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the fantastic world of doggie-bloggers! We salute you, great LION DOG! You are a great dog and your Mom is a star! We look forward to all your happy tales. Tell Mom that she must google "Dogs with Blogs" and try and get herself listed there. In the meantime, I will be trying to send some people your way in the next couple of days.
    By the look real cool in that picture.
    Lots of licks

  2. Thank you Max....we are getting better at this.

  3. Hi Musole
    I heard about you from my friend Max in South Africa. I am already looking forward to hearing more about your life. I can't imagine being brought up with lions. Perhaps you will pass on some tips about how to get along with cats? I'm mean, I'm even scared of the little pet pussies in our neighbourhood in Aberdeen. You must be so brave!
    Cheers, Hamish.

  4. We think it is so cool that you have little lions to play with. We only have house cats but, believe me, sometimes they can be just as fierce as lions and tigers☺