Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello all...
Remember yesterday I told you I would explain about the baskets the baby lions slept in?
Well Mum comes from a part of Africa where the Venda tribe live. They make the most beautiful baskets. Traditionally they were made from Mulala palms and the leaves were stripped and dyed with natural dyes from the veld but today they women have become very innovative. They use the twine from different coloured food and grain bags... black from potato pockets, orange from citrus pockets, green from gemsquash pockets, white from flour bags, beige from stockfeed bags...these plastic strips are twisted on the ladies legs and they use the twine to make the most intrinsic designs on their baskets, trays and mats.

Mum had some lovely big baskets from when the children were little. They stored their toys in the baskets. The lion cubs and I got lucky and inherited these beautiful beds to sleep in!! ;)

Such fun!


  1. Musole, they are very beautiful baskets indeed. But, I can't help notice that, how to put this tactfully, well that you are quite a generously sized dog and your basket to me looks a teeny weeny wee bit small? It seems there is not quite enough room for you body and your head. Or do you like to sleep all curled up?
    OF course such a basket would be perfect for a Westie (although I would not be happy sharing it with a lion cub...)
    Cheers, H.

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  3. Hi Musole,

    I think the baskets are beautiful works of art! They would really sell here in the states, at least I would buy a few!

    I do think your a bit too big for the baskets but we all have our favorite places to lay.

    My Mom wanted to know what "Raffingora" means?

    woo woo, Tessa

  4. Hi, Musole!
    Those baskets are beautiful!
    I love your picture!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Hey there Musole
    Thanks for the story of how those baskets are made. We love learning new and interesting things. yep, I agree that you look a little big for that basket. Im sure you have grown even more since then(and the lion cubs have too), so where do you sleep now?
    Also, we had to Bark out Loud (BOL) - at first we thought your mom had put you up on the wall and then we realised that you had a glitch with the uploader. Mom had a good giggle though :)
    Hope you are well. Loving your blog!
    Lots of licks

  6. I would like a basket like that. It looks very comfortable for snuggling up in. Mum told me when she was growing up her dogs always slept in wicker baskets, but she hasn't been able to find one here where we live.

  7. You have lots of interesting information to share. We so love your wicker baskets. We have a small one which belonged to the cat who is now in heaven.
    We think they look cool.
    Martha & Bailey xxx