Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello, back again! Mum has been helping at the Lion Park occassionally over the years and when they needed somebody to babysit some cubs last year she agreed to bring two babies to feed and care for till they were able to go back into the wild. The winters here are very cold out in the bush and the lion mums battle to keep their cubs alive over the cold months so two little bundles came to stay. And of course I was in my element.


  1. Blogger is being most uncooperative! We'll try again!

    We are quite impressed with this rescue story... fostering some lion cubs with the intent of returning them to their natural furever home! We are rather jealous! Think of us as you play with them. "kay?

    Jake and Fergi

  2. Hello Musole,

    Maxdog in South Africa told us to come and say hello. So here we are. We are so glad to welcome you to dogs who blog.

    You have such an interesting life taking care of baby lions. I am really impressed and very happy to get to know all about you and your big family.

    Take care of those baby lions now, and come and see me when your not busy.

    woo woo, Tessa

  3. Hi Musole,

    Maxdog sent me over here. Those are very big kitties you're playing with! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventures (I can't actually read myself - Mum reads the blogs to me).
    Ruby in Sedona