Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello all... Wonder who has looked outside at the evening sky and noticed that we are two days off full moon? Its a beautiful big almost round ball in the sky as evening rolls on and of course, I like to stand on the back varandah (stoep in Southern Africa) and talk to the moon, loudly with my deep bark.

I'm in really deep trouble with my mum at the moment cause I got angry with her for reprimanding me for chasing a man on a bicycle and watching him wobble off it as I gently rearranged his trousers....Mum's hand is sore and my bottom is also sore.

So....enough of that and lets talk about the grumpy old man instead. No, Not our esteemed President. I mean Cody! He really is getting very old. His ribs have begun to show and the big cancer growth on his throat is getting really bad. Its not easy in Africa to just fix these things and Mum has decided to just let him be. He is, after all, over 14 years of age.


  1. We all do some pretty crazy stuff the day of the full moon. It messes with our mom's head, which is a great benefit. :)
    Maybe we should go out on our deck and howl at it. That could be fun, too!
    Play bows,

  2. Hiya Zim... sounds good to me... join me on the stoep for the next two nights!! Should be fun :)!!

  3. Hey Musole: You look very handsome against the purple throw on your bed. Did you know that?

    Lets all go out and howl at the moon.

    I hope Cody is not having to suffer a lot, do you think he is?


  4. Hey there, Musole.

    Yes, we have also noticed that beautiful orange globe in our heavens lately. Did you see that beautiful star which is dancing next to it? It reminds me of that old joke:
    "Does the moon affect you?"

    We are so sorry too to hear about your incident. Those things frighten the life out of us. Sometimes these interactions are so unpredictable, but as I said in a recent post...they're part of our life experiences!

    Lots of love from us all!