Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey guys...I was looking through my pictures this morning and found one of the Old Man and Alex stalking a duck on the lawn!! They kept missing the ducks though and so I had to teach them that the easiest way to find food was to find the ducks sitting on eggs. Mum was NOT impressed!

Stella, my love, that was Cody relaxing on Mum's couch...he is old so she lets him sleep there!! Sometimes Cody jumps over the varandah wall just to prove he is not old. He strolls up the hill to the office with Mum every day just to "keep fit" but also to body guard her.

Cody tells me its not easy getting old! I think he is doing pretty well for "old"!!!!

Take care and have a lovely day!!


  1. Hey Musole
    I think it's really tough for our Mom's to watch us get old. We send all our love to Cody in his twilight years. So long as us dogs aren't suffering though!
    Lots of love from us all

  2. Nope, getting old isn't easy but it is one of life's pleasures, especially when you've been living with a lot of love.

  3. Sorry,Musole, aging eyesight and a curled up dog aren't the best combination!

    Thanks for the good pictures! I'll see if I can see the duck!

    Stella's Mom

  4. Hi Musole,

    Thanks for the beautiful pics as always.

    Getting old is not easy, and it is difficult for us Mommies to watch cause we want are dogs with us for a long time!

    Hugs, Tessa