Friday, September 25, 2009

My very precious old friend...who has been around since I was born 2 years ago on 1 October, is getting very frail. Mum seems to have got wrapped up in caring for him, taking us for walks, getting the accounts done, making strawberry jam with the fruit that just doesn't seem to stop appearing at the back door. We have had sheep to slaughter, goats to slaughter, animals to take care of... phew the list seems to grow.

And then we have had a really exciting week!! 12 Baby ducklings and 2 baby goslings...oh soooooo tempting! Mum has to keep reminding me that they are "out of bounds, Musole" sigh!

The gardener, Peter, broke his leg last week ofloading maize from a big truck onto a trailer. So lucky we had Michael here! He splinted his leg and rushed Peter off to the Parirenyatwa Hospital where the doctor was able to see him and put the leg in plaster. With Doctor's strikes, no medicines available, shortages of electricity and food... Mum was really worried that he would not get the treatment he should.

Its weekend again and Mum has promised to take photos of us pets and the flowers. So here's hoping we will get more on line again.

And then she says she is wanting to add some pictures of Ginger, her cat and my not so friend, who sadly dies at the beginning of the month. Mum misses him madly but I will leave her to tell you all about him this weekend...

Till then, have a lovely weekend!


  1. How very nice to hear from you, Musole! When it gets to be a long time, we tend to worry about those we don't see. So you can understand that we are grateful and relieved that things seem to be OK for you.
    I understand about the cat, because we have one who is quite unpredictable feelings-wise,

    Stella, who wishes you a lovely weekend too!

  2. Hi Stella! Looking forward to those pics! Have a great weekend!!


  3. Hey there stranger!
    Yes, I agree with is wonderful to see you back again - even if things are tough and the blogposts scarce. Just knowing that you are alive is so valuable! ...and for you...well all your cyber (and real) friends are listening!
    Lovely to hear about the ducks, goslings and the strawberry jam! Hope your gardener too feels better soon.
    Please tell Mom that we send her lots and lots of warm vibes and hugs. (She is in the midst of that circle-of-life that always brings tears to one's eyes)But we admire her so... She is quite an amazing, resilient and tenacious woman!
    Lots of licks